For Power. Way More Power…

For way longer, at a much lighter weight.

And in the real world, the statistics get worse for batteries when you consider things like operating temperature, charging temperature, ramp rate, average state of charge and depth of discharge.


Still the most commonly used battery technology. But the energy storage is way to low for their weight.


Lithium Ion batteries, do much better given than lead-acid, given their much higher storage ratio 3.5w/g.

But they lose that storage capacity quickly, typically in 300-500 cycles. And they lose even capacity faster if…

  • You deep discharge them (below 40%)
  • You discharge them too fast (which limits power output)
  • You charge them too fast (which increases downtime)
  • You charge them at too high a temperature
  • You discharge them at too high a temperature
  • You charge them at too low a temperature
  • And on, and on, and on.

But with a tethered connection, you just plug it in, and get to work.